How Long Will It Take For Me to Recover From Hernia Surgery and When Can I Drive?

What does hernia repair involve?

In general, the principal all hernia repairs are the same. The contents of the hernia are pushed back to where they belong and the weakness is closed and usually reinforced with some sort of mesh to ensure everything is held in place.

Most hernias can be repaired either by keyhole means or my traditional open surgery. Keyhole surgery methods are not always suitable for every patient so it’s very important to tailor the appropriate repair for you the patient and our Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon, Rajeev Peravali, will discuss all options with you during your consultation.


How Long Will It Take For Me to Recover From Hernia Surgery?

We often get the question how long recovery will take after hernia surgery and it really depends on what hernia you had fixed and other characteristics that go along with you and how you came to have hernia surgery. It’s a really good idea for most hernia repairs to avoid activity at least for two weeks.

Again, this varies depending on each surgery, but generally, two weeks of only leisurely walking and avoiding any strenuous activities is recommended. It is always a good idea to approach any activities slowly and cautiously as you resume doing them again as long as there is no pain for up to four weeks after surgery to ensure you are not taking on too much too quickly.

What Pain Will I Experience After Hernia Surgery?

When it comes to pain, all patients respond to hernia surgery differently. Some may feel minimal pain after surgery and some patients may feel more uncomfortable for a couple weeks.

It’s hard to predict exactly how each patient will respond to surgery, but in general, it’s a few days of more significant pain that can usually be managed with painkillers and then a week or two where you may feel a bit uncomfortable. Dr Peravali will be able to advise the best treatment for any pain you may have following surgery to ensure you are back to normal life with as little disruption as possible.

When Can I Drive After Hernia Repair?

When you are able to drive following hernia surgery will depend a lot on the kind of hernia you’ve had repaired and the how extensive the surgery. In general, it is expected that you would be able to resume driving about a week or two after the operation.

It is advised that you should be able to sit in the car and be able to get out of the car without any pain. You should also be able to do an emergency stop without pain. You also will need to inform your insurance company that you’ve had hernia surgery and confirm that that they are happy for you to resume driving.

Hernias are common and unless they are causing pain many NHS Trusts do not fund surgery so please conemail us at or enquire online to learn more about our private hernia surgery.